17 April 2011



10 August 2010

Shopping List

It has been 3 years since I last celebrated Hari Raya in Brunei.

I know it's too early. But it's quite the excitement. I've forgotten about the baju kurungs to make, the tudongs and shoes to match them with. Sigh. No wonder people say the community thinks too much about Hari Raya instead of Ramadhan. The past three years I only had to worry about making at least 2 outfits to bring to UK.

Oh and my birthday is in this holy month as well! Hopefully di berkati. So anyway, I have had a whole list of things to buy this month or the ones to come. Items listed in priority:

1. Red chiffon kain
2. Tudong - tudongan
3. Brooches
4. Fancy heels
5. Clutch?

6. A ticket to Perth

7. A new camera - DSLR or ones mentioned it previous post.
8. iPhone 3GS or 4. OR iPod Touch?

9. iPad

10. New supply of stationery for my room

11. A facial


13. Not turning another year older.
14. Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palette
15. Black wardrobe
16. Another Marc Jacob's Daisy

List will be updated as days past by. This shall be my reference from now on.

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa!

Ramadhan al-Kareem

The time of the year is here again.

Starting Terawikh on Wednesday! It'd be nice to see familiar faces at the mosque, praying together as umat Allah swt. Have you seen the renovation on the Masjid Bolkiah, Kg Serusop? I'm guessing they're hoping to get it done for the comfort of the massive amount Muslims coming to pray for Ramadhan. How exciting!

28 July 2010

What The Heart Desires

Sony NEX-3

Lumix Compact DMC-LX5

I love how they are now designing a stylish digital camera that is based on the old film one. For now, these are two new cameras that are in my checklist. Basically looking for a camera that has a classic design. Will compare the functions and specifications after exams!

Brunei four days! Hope everyone is happy as me. Salaam.

22 July 2010

Bruneians Can Be...

Quite direct.

Or blunt more like.

19 July 2010

Chritina Aguilera's Bionic

How do you guys deal with pressure?

Apart from talking to someone when my mind is clouded, I cope by either eating or shopping. Today's meal included KFC's chicken wrap, indomee jawa with half a bottle of coke and a bar of Maltesers icecream. Oh yeah baby. All the adipose tissue came back to my bum now.

So I went to town yesterday and finally bought Christina Aguilera's new album - Bionic.

A Decade of Hits and Bionic

I've always been her fan since I can remember. Iatah one of my cita-cita ni. Unlike her, Joss Stone or say Gloria Gaynor, I am not gifted with a rich soul voice. I am not sure if practice is the solution to it. So anyway, the first few tracks on the album are say... quite naughty and raunchy - Not Myself Tonight, Woohoo, Elastic Love, Dennudate and Sex For Breakfast with my personal favourite intro for it, Morning Dessert!

There are other beautiful songs such as My Heart, I am and You Lost Me. ALTHOUGH Vanity is slowly becoming my favourite right now due to the funny cocky lyrics. HAHAH.

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the flyest b****h of all? Never mind I am. ... If I were her I would kiss me"

Ooh and I actually bought the Deluxe Edition so there's this fun cute song called Monday Morning. Wish I could've bought it on Sunday instead so I could've listened to it yesterday! Maybe on the day of my exam =o)

This is album is more fun and modern I would say. A lot of people may say that she keeps changing the style(?) of each of her albums. But c'mon, most of her songs are written by her, and so they should reflect on her life. First album was sort of forced for her to sing, Stripped exposed who she really was and her real personality. In Back to Basics she has found her true love, on the way to being a mother and now in Bionic she'll all happy and settled down in an amazing house, of course she has the rights to create a fun album! Of course not to forget one of her Latin album Mi Reflejo which displayed her roots.

My favourite album still continues to be Back to Basics though. I have all of her major albums but one - the first. I guess I could get it if murah rezeki in the future. For now, there are other important things to think about.

Anyway, this post is TOO LONG. I don't think anyone will even read this! But in any case, it's to show my luurrve for dear Christina. I look up to her. Plus I love her wardrobe of shoes!!

Shoe wardrobe, in her house ie ex-house of the Osbourne family.

15 July 2010

New Housemates

22 Linton, Cardiff and Opal